Autokey Pro - truly pro

Last updated: May 22, 2023
Works on: Mac OS, Windows
Version: 4.3

Autokey Pro as the name suggests is built for pros and completely FREE. No need to install extensions or scripts. Everything you need comes in one package.


> May 22, 2023: 
version 4.3:
    - bug fix logout#token (as suggested)
> Apr 30, 2023: 
version 4.2:
    - bug fix logout#token (as suggested)
    - bug fix no such window: target window already closed
> Apr 28, 2023: 
version 4.0:
    - Fixed issue of logout (as suggested)
    + Ability to combine anti-captcha with a captcha solver (as suggested)
    + Ability to repeat sessions (as suggested)
> Apr 07, 2023: 
version 3.1.3 (This only applies to Windows)
    Fixed issue where it would refuse to download or closes after opening. 
> Apr 01, 2023: 
version 3.1.2 (This only applies to Windows)
    Fixed issue where it would refuse to download or closes after opening. 
> Mar 11, 2023: 
version 3.1.1
    Miner update... fixed where the auto typer doesn't install the ad blocker script sometimes.
> Mar 05, 2023: 
version 3.1
    Fixed ... refreshing after each race too many times.
> Feb 12, 2023: 
version 3.0.3
    Anti-captcha mode: fixed going into 30 minute break mode consecutive times, once again 
> Feb 11, 2023: 
version 3.0.2
    Anti-captcha mode: fixed going into 30 minute break mode consecutive times
> Feb 09, 2023: 
version 3.0.1
    fixed chrome not opening for some users
> Feb 05, 2023: 
version 3.0:
    + Ad blocker pre-installed as suggested; no more ads
    + New captcha solving system (anti-captcha mode)
    + Improved ability to run in the background
    + Improved speed
> Dec 15, 2022: 
version 2.1:
    + New captcha solving service.
> Dec 04, 2022: 
version 2.0:
    + Added a stats system on the auto typer. Now you can see your speed, cash, session, etc on the autotyper.
     fixed captcha issues
> Nov 18, 2022: 
version 1.5:
    + automatically save previous configuration of auto typer.
> Nov 05, 2022: 
version 1.2:
    + changed captcha solver service.
> Oct 17, 2022: 
version 1.0:

Top features of Autokey Pro:

• Comes with different CAPTCHA solving options
• Automatically saves your current race configurations.
• Ability to repeat sessions
• No need for helper scripts
• Runs in the background
• Can be used on multiple accounts at the same time.
• No ads

[A] Setting up the auto typer

Warning: Make sure you are NOT logged in with your main account while using this auto typer – as there is a possibility your account could get banned if not used correctly.

Open the auto typer and set up the auto typer to your liking. It is very simple especially once you get to use it the first time.

Number of races

The number of races you want to complete. This is called a session. No is no limit.

Repeat session 🔁 (session rep)

This feature gives you the ability to repeat the session after waiting for the expiration of the session. So if you wanted to do 1000 races 5 times, you can enter 5 in the session rep input.

# of races 1000, 🔁 0 = 1000 total races (0 is default)
#of races 1000, 🔁 1 = 2000 total races
#of races 1000, 🔁 2 = 3000 total races


Min speed on the left box, max speed in the box to the right side of of the dash. Ex: 50 - 60 WPM

Accuracy (acc)

Similar story for accuracy as speed. Minimum accuracy on the left side. Max accuracy on the right. Enter the same number in both boxes if you don't want to randomize. Ex: 99 - 99 %

Nitros / Randomize Nitros

To turn on nitros, check the box next to Nitros. At this point nitros will be used every race. If you want to randomize nitros, check the box next to "Random Nitros?". You must first turn on the checkbox next to "Nitros" to be able to select random nitros.

If you don't want to use Nitros at all, UNcheck the "Nitros" box.

Captcha solving options

Load with ... 2Captcha

If you don't have a 2Captcha account, FIRST, use this link to sign up. Once you sign up, copy the API key which you will be given from 2captcha and login on the 2Captcha that is loaded on the auto typer.

If you need help with 2Captcha, go to this page for detailed explanation.

Load with ... NopeCha

Samething on Nopecha. Sign up on Nopecha, and you will be given an API key which you can use on the Nopecha that's on the auto typer.

Load with ... Anti-captcha mode

Anti-captcha is not a captcha solver. It is a captcha avoidance system built into the auto typer. If you choose this option, the auto typer will stop every ~45 races for 30 minutes to avoid running into captcha.

With a captca solver, you can complete about 2,000 races in 24 hours. With the anti-captcha mode, you can complete about 1000 races in 24 hours.


You can use Anti-captcha mode along with a captcha solver (2captcha, nopecha). This is useful if you are trying to use Anti-captcha, in cooperation with another captcha solver just incase a captcha unexpectedly pops up.

Once you've setup the autotyper, click on "Start bot". Wait for a few seconds (on windows up to 15 seconds) and the auto typer will open a new Chrome window. On that window, login with the account that you want to use the auto typer on. And start a race within a minute or so.

If you are using a captcha solver (2Captcha or Nopecha), click on the extensions icon at the top right, open the extension, and login to the captcha solver using the API key you were given.

Signing in with google accounts

If you use a google account to login to NT, it will not let you do so. It only works for logins with username/password. There is however, a workaround to get it to work with Google accounts. I can show you how to do so, dm me on Discord (link at the bottom of this page)

→ Be assured that, I DO NOT collect any kind of personal data such as password or username.

[B] Download

1. Download Autokey Pro:
Click on the link(s) below which corsponds to your operating system.
Mac -> Go to download
Windows -> Go to download

Troubleshooting / FAQ

> Question: How do I bot on multiple accounts?
Answer: on Windows: Open the auto typer multiple times. On Mac, download the auto typer multiple times, then open both downloads.

> Message: Unknown Error: Cannot find chrome binary ...
Answer: Download and install Google Chrome.

> The speed is not accurate
Answer: Yes the speed will be off according to your computer. That's just how it works. If you want an auto typer for the speed, use Autokey.

> How many races can I do
Answer: As much as you would like. There's no limit.

> How to use 2Captcha?
Answer: Click here to learn how to signup and use 2Captcha.

> Can I run it overnight?
Answer: Yes. Just make sure you change your computer settings so that your computer doesn't turn off automatically.

[C] Thanks for your help

I appreciate your support in this project.

If you find this auto typer useful, and would like to support me, please use this link or Cashapp -> "perhapst".
I truly appriciate your contribution into this project.

All contributors:


For any questions, suggestions, bugs, etc... send me a message
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