Nitro Type Mac Auto Typer (v.2)

Works with
Operatin Systems: Mac OS
Browser: Chrome

This auto typer isn't the best, but it still works. I'm gonna teach you how you can get it, set it up, and use.

Step 1: installing and downloading

Go to chrome web store and add Tampermonkey to chrome. Now that you have Tampermonkey added to chrome, you will be able to install scripts on tampermonkey.

Auto Typer helper script:
Next to to greasyfork, and install the script Nitro Type auto typer helper v.2. This script will be able to send the information needed for the auto typer to work from the nitro type race.

The actual auto typer:
Next we are gonna download the actual auto typer, the auto typer that will type for us. Keep in mind that the previous things we installed are necessary for the auto typer to work.
click here to donwload the auto typer.

Step 2: Setting up the auto typer

Warning: If you made it this far and if you are going to use the auto typer, make sure you aren't signed in with your main account (the account that you don't want to be banned), since you could possibly get banned if you use the auto typer incorrectly.

Next we need to set up the auto typer. It might be tricky the first time you do it, but once you know how to do it, it won't be difficult anymore.

Open chrome, and the auto typer you downloaded. Resize chrome and the auto typer so they are side by side as shown in the picture below. When resizing the auto typer, make sure you are able to see the play button at the top right (we will be usin gthat button to make the auto typer type). Join a nitro type race.

Step 3: Using the auto typer

Now we are ready to auto type.
On the auto typer, next to where it says "setMySpeed to", type your speed there. Only numbers (i.e. 92)
Now join a Nitro Type race. and when the countdown is done (when the race starts), click on the play button at the top right on the auto typer. And there you go.

The key element:
Right before the text that you are going to type appears, you must be on Chrome, on Nitro Type. Because immediately when the text appears, the Auto Typer Helper script will copy and send the text to the Auto Typer. But if you are focused on a different application, then it can't do that. So, you can change your speed after the text appears, or before it appears. not right before it appears.