NTWWC (Nitro Type World Wide Chat) Guidelines/Rules

Last updated: Jan 8, 2021 | v.2

NTWWC (Nitro Type World Wide Chat) is a minnit chat embeded on Nitro Type to make chatting easy while playing the game without having to switch tabs and apps. In this article you will learn about how to correctly moderate the chat as a moderator of the chat and what guidelines you need to follow as the member of the chat.

|| Privillages of each rank

Visitors are just visitors. They don't have a lot of privillages besides to be able to talk and view the chat.
- Max file size per file that a visitor can upload : 1 MB.

- Able to post URLs (links).
- Max file size per file that a regular can upload : 2 MB.

- Able to post URLs (links).
- Max file size per file that a regular can upload : 4 MB.
- Can post URLs (links)
- Can send messages with new lines
- Can delete or undelete messages
- Can ban/unban lower ranks

Manager: Managers can do everything a moderator can do, and also about almost everything that the owner can do. Very rarely will we have a manager in this chat. The only reason we might have a manager is if the chat is overflowing and we need people to pause / unpause chat, clear messages, etc.

NOTE: Everyone (all ranks) can use markdowns, view the action log, and talk & view the chat.

|| Rules as the member of the NTWWC

    All ranks using the chat are considred members.
  • No cursing in any way
  • No bullying members of the chat
  • No doxing
  • I (Ginfio) will not be responsible for your Nitro Type account loss in this chat. In other words don't account share or share your password with othes. If you do and someone takes your account, I have nothign to do with that.

NOTE: I have no control over what happens in the private chat (dm). If you don't want to recieve messages from a user in direct messages, go to the message. Click on the user's profile picture. Click on ignore user.

|| Your job as a moderator of NTWWC

Moderator rank is earned when you gain my (Ginfio's) trust that you will not break the rules, and will help other members understand the rules in the chat.

On top of the privillages you get as a moderator you also have a task to do.
YOUR JOB is to make sure that the members of the chat stay inline with the guidelines/rules. For example if you encounter a user cursing for the first time, you may remind them that cursing isn't allowed in the chat, or may ban them without any warnings for the appropriate amount of time.

If it's a first time encounter, ban for 1 hour or 2 is probably good enough. After that member is unbanned, if he/she keeps cursing repeatedly, then that should be an indicator that this user is trying to break the rules on purpose for whatever reason, so permanent ban may be appropriate then.

|| How do I know for how long to ban

1: loose ban
2: moderate ban
3: strict ban

Level 1. loose ban
This usually goes to people who might break the rule for the first time. Especially cursing. You might give them a warning and let them go without a ban. If this user breaks the rules again, you might LOOSLY ban them. Meaning maybe for an hour, 3 hrs, 5hrs – short amount of time just for a teaching moment.

Level 2. moderate ban
These people have been the member of the chat for a while and know the rules. And we've known them for a while. And tend to break the rules time to time. These users might get a ban for about a day, 2 days or even a week.

Level 3. strict ban
This usually goes to guest users. There will be people sometimes that come to the chat and flood the chat with curse words or inappropriate images intentionally.

You need to strictly ban these users. Users like this need a permanent ban. We don't want this user coming back to the chat. And when you do ban the user make sure to put a checkmark to where it says "delete user's messages".

If other moderators are doing something they are not supposed to do – in the chat, let me know.

DO NOT UNBAN MEMBERS THAT ARE BANNED BY OTHER MODERATORS unless you have a good reason to do so.

WARNING: Moderator rank does NOT allow you to ban members just because you want to or just because the users aren't doing what you want them to do (such as not trading acounts with you, not giving you cash, etc).

It does not allow you to ban others for personal reasons (such as because they don't like your nitro type profile, or they don't like your haircut, etc).

If you need help or have questions:

> Join the NTWWC and dm me on there
> DM me on discord
> Or simply leave a comment on one of my videos