How to advertise your Nitro Type content on

Last updated: Apr 24, 2021

Note: The following applies starting from April 26, 2021, unless said otherwise.

On the domain of, you may advertise:

  • YouTube videos
  • YouTube channels
  • Discord servers
  • Nitro Type teams
  • Nitro Type competitions videos
  • Twitch channels
And that is considering that they are Nitro Type related, and appripriate. Must not be false leading.

|| All the pages you can advertise on...

⦿ Home page > : First time visitors are more likely to land on the page page first. You will be easily discoverd by those new users. You can describe the item you are advertising to draw the attention of those who might be interested.

Based on statistics, From April first to April 22nd (in 22 days), the home page had 1,381 views. That should tell you something. If at least 10% of the users that visit the home page check out your channel, that's 138 new users that discover your channel. 138 probably means nothing to someone like PewDiePie, but for someone with less than 5,000 subs, 138 new subs can be a big number.

Here's a screenshot of the home page > ad board. Advertising on the home page

⦿ All Nitro Type YouTubers live sub count > This page contains live sub count of all Nitro Type YouTubers. It's one of the best pages to advertise your YouTube channel. The page takes a while to load (15+ seconds) since it has to fetch live sub count of every (170+) channel. While they wait they can check out your channel.

Looking at a real statistic again, from April first to April 22nd, this page had 171 views. If a quarter of those viewers managed to click on your channel link, that's 40 new subs you will get on your channel.

NOTE: I can only have 2-3 users on this page. The users you see on the screenshot are on that page for free. Because they've been on there before April 25th. Paid advertisers can override free advertisers.

In the statistics of one Nitro Type YouTuber that has advertised on this page before, it showed that 34% of his traffic came from this page.
This is what the loading page looks like. all nitro type youtubers live sub count loading page

|| In addition ...

In addition, you can advertise Nitro Type giveaways in the giveaways page. Unless you you are wanting your giveaway to stay on the giveaways page for more than a month, you will be clear of paying to advertise giveaways. Nobody had to pay to advertise giveaways so far.

|| Costs

Now advertising other things such as YouTube channels, videos, twitch channels, discord servers, etc, will come at a little cost. Anything you advertise on home or All Nitro Type YouTubers live sub count page:
Cost: $150,000 NT cash per day / item.

You may advertise two items for the price of one. If you plan on advertising more than two items, you will have to pay separate for the third, fourth, etc. items.

CASE 1: Advertising 1 item: Pay for that one item, and you may advertise another item for free.
CASE 2: Advertising 2 items: Advertise both items for the price of one.
CASE 3: Advertising 3 items: Pay for the first two items and the third one would be free.
CASE 4: Advertising 4 items: Pay for the first 3 items, and you may advertise the fourth item for free. Et cetera.

You cannot advertise items for less than 24 hours or for more than 6 months.

|| How it works

Step 1: You will fill out this form.
Step 2: I will contact you with the information you filled out in the form. In this process you will be paying for the ad, and I will be settin up the ad. Starting from the minute the ad was up on (or the other pages you want it on), the countdown will begin for when the ad will be removed. There will not be a visible countdown displayed, but when the removal date arrives, the ad will be removed automatically.

|| About refunds

You may request for a refund. More likely I will give you a refund. If you do get a refund, it will not be full refund. You will not get the cash back for the days that the ad has been up for. But I do not promise to give you a refund, and will not be held against for not giving you a refund.

Example: Let's say you filled out the form to advertise a YouTube channel from June 1st to June 25th. The cost would be (25 * 150,000 = $3,750,000) $3,750,000.

So if you request a refund on the 15th of June, you will not get the cash back for the days from June 1st to June 15th. (25 - 15 = 10 (days)). 10 * 150,000 = 1,500,000. So in this case you would get $1,500,000 back.

If you are reading this before April 26, you may advertise for free. Though keep in mind free ads can be overridden by paid ads.

If you need help or have questions:

> Join the NTWWC and dm me on there
> DM me on discord
> Or simply leave a comment on one of my videos