Nitro Type chill stream | moderation

Last updated: Mar 31, 2021

The 24/7 nitro type chill stream run by Ginfio: the goal of the stream is just for us to chill and talk in z chat. Listen to z chill music in the background and watch the video as you chat, and that's why it's a chill stream. At least in my definition.

Ginfio's right as the owner

// Ginfio as the owner of the stream has the right to take you off mod at any time.
// Ginfio does not owe you mod.

Your rights | perks | and don'ts as a moderator

Your Rights: As the moderator in the nitro type 24/7 chill stream, you have the right to timeout viewers that are begging, disrespecting you or others, cursing in any way, and doxing.

Perks: Able to send links, able to timeout other users that are breaking the rules, manage nightbot commands, and your name will be a blue.

DO NOT: Timeout other users for no reason.

Tips: If someone starts breaking the rules, give them a ~ few warnings and let them know about the rules. If they still ignore the rules, then you may take action.

Moderators, if the stream stops for any reason, please let me know immediately.

Your rights | and don'ts as a regular

Your rights: You may advertise your Nitro Type tream or profile. You may spam in the chat if you are the only one in the chat.

DO NOT: advertise a YouTube channel (or other things that don't include the domain, curse, beg for cash or other items.
If you need help or have questions:

> Join the NTWWC and dm me on there
> DM me on discord
> Or simply leave a comment on one of my videos