How to advertise nitro type giveaways

Last updated: Sept 19, 2022

In the giveaways page, you can advertise yours or someone's Nitro Type giveaway for free. To do so, go to the giveaways page and click "Add giveaway". Answer a few questions about the giveaway. And submit. Upon submitting, your giveaway will immediately appear in the giveaways page.

|| One requirement the giveaway must meet

In one of those questions, you will be asked to provide a link to the giveaway. That link needs to lead to a page which talks about the giveaway that you submitted.

Couple examples: A YouTube video that talks about the giveaway you submitted. A channel on discord, which again is about the giveaway.

In conclusion DO NOT put a link which does not lead to a page that talks about the giveaway that you are submitting.

-- That's all. --

If you need help or have questions:

> Join the NTWWC and dm me on there
> DM me on discord
> Or simply leave a comment on one of my videos